Introducing: Dr. Dan Pepe’s Digital Corner!

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Pepe and I am a family physician in south London as part of the London Lambeth FHO. I share a practice with my wife, Dr. Cassandra Lin-Pepe, and together we have built a practice of 1800 patients since 2018.

As part of my practice, I care for my patients in office, do home visits and assist in the OR in Orthopedics.

Dr. Dan Pepe, Co-Chair, WOHT Digital Health Working Group

Digital change is happening!

I’m excited to help support our alliance through my digital role as the Western OHT Digital Health Co-Chair to help us as we move forward as a sector. Most importantly, I’ve come to learn that any digital change is rooted in a change in our culture, how we work together and how we care for patients.

Why a digital blog?

The intention of this blog is to provide a regular place where I can:

  • update you on digital initiatives happening in our area
  • feature new tools or best practices that physicians are adopting
  • answer questions or challenges that you may have (as many other physicians may have them as well)

Digital technology has come to represent a burden for many primary care providers. It is my sincere hope that by working together and learning from each other, we can help your digital tools work more efficiently and effectively. This will improve how we care for patients as well as our own practices!

What’s already underway?

Several initiatives are already underway, including eReferral and ePrescribing to help you reduce your reliance on the fax machine. Other existing programs will help you enhance your practice as we continue to learn how to adapt to practice during COVID-19.

What would YOU like to talk about?

If you have ideas for topics we can discuss, want to chat about a challenge you are having or are interested in regular digital town halls to discuss what’s new, please email me at

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