Virtual Care Learning Collaborative

Looking for 10-20 community-based primary health care teams across Canada!

Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC) and Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) have partnered to host a learning collaborative that will support up to 20 community-based primary care practices and/or organizations from across Canada.

The organizations will be supported to implement and/or prepare to implement and evaluate equitable, safe, quality virtual care to meet patient & community needs & preferences to improve experiences and outcomes for patients and providers.


10-20 community-based primary health care teams (incl. primary care providers, support staff, patient & community partners) from across Canada.


Recruiting teams (community-based primary care providers, with patient and community partners) to participate now; invited teams will complete a needs assessment and sign a participation agreement in September

Learning and Implementation Supports

Include funding & peer-to-peer networking; hosted between Oct-March.

Value for community-based primary health providers

  • Funding
  • Opportunities to learn from other community-based primary care providers, patient and community partners from across Canada
  • Tailored learning supports to help you implement virtual care in your priority areas
  • Access to a virtual care toolkit which includes resources, education and implementation supports in the following areas:
    • Appropriate Use of Virtual Care: to determine when to use virtual care based on patients’ needs/capabilities, their care requirements, and the clinicians’ capabilities
    • Quality and Safe Virtual Care Interactions: to enhance the quality and safety of virtual care communication skills (e.g., web side manner, virtual relationship building) and virtual care assessment skills (e.g., virtual diagnostic cues)
    • Use and optimization of virtual care services: to address issues and challenges associated with adopting and delivering virtual care services, especially as they adapt their workflows (e.g., incorporating privacy, security, and informed consent)

Requirements of participating teams

Requirements include reporting on a small set of core indicators, including completion of a final report and final survey; a commitment to share information about strategies and results to help other teams implement improvements

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