Insulin coverage changes and biosimilars

From the Centre for Effective Practice & Nicole Seymour, PharmD

Changes coming:

The CEP has updated their Type 2 Diabetes tool based on some timely and important changes in pharmacotherapy options and insulin coverage. The “selecting an insulin” section of the tool provides more details about biosimilars.   Did you know:

  • Lantus® LU codes will be phased out on December 29th, 2023.
  • If a patient using ODB goes for a refill of Lantus®, Humalog®, or NovoRapid® insulin after December 29th – their insulin will NOT be covered.
  • The switch to biosimilars is supported by 10 years of safety & efficacy data from Europe, creates savings for patients & the healthcare system, and is typically done on a simple 1:1 ratio (Health Canada – Biosimilar Drugs in Canada: Fact Sheet). 
  • Switching to a different type of insulin (rather than to a biosimilar) may result in additional costs and the need for dose adjustments due to differences in potency (see CEP Diabetes Tool: Selecting an insulin – “consider the affordability of insulin” and CEP Diabetes Tool: Switching Insulin)
  • Insulin brand must now be specified on a prescription (OCP update: May 2023). Pharmacists are not allowed to select or substitute insulin brand.
  • There are now TWO biosimilars for insulin glargine (Semglee® and BasaglarTM) and insulin aspart (Kirsty® and Trurapi®).
  • You can bill K900A (biosimilar support: $61.20) for your efforts.

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The CEP is offering 1-on-1, individualized best practice discussions (academic detailing) to help support timely strategies for identifying and preparing patients for the upcoming switch in funding to reduce the chance of insulin therapy interruptions.   Additional diabetes discussion topics include:

  • Tailoring goals of care and treatment based on patient factors (i.e., age, CKD, CV risk, cost)
  • Monitoring and tolerability tips (i.e., for semaglutide, SGLT2is)
  • Selecting, titrating, switching, and troubleshooting insulin therapy
  • Resources and supports for patients and providers

Other Mainpro+ accredited clinical discussion topics include: anxiety & depression, heart failure, falls prevention [new topics 2x/year]  

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