LMPCA Terms of Reference

February 2, 2021

Our purpose

Our vision

Our mission

Our mandate

LMPCA membership

LMPCA Meetings

Reporting relationships



Amending these Terms of Reference

The London Middlesex Primary Care Alliance (LMPCA) is a forum for primary care providers to meet to coordinate, collaborate and implement primary care priorities across the London-Middlesex region.

The LMPCA will speak as the collective voice for primary care activities in London-Middlesex, and be actively involved in the decision making of the primary care sector (for example, decision making at the Western Ontario Health Team [WOHT]).

An inclusive network of primary care providers leading with a unified voice to improve the health of our community.

To create a strong and united primary care network to:

  • Lead system change utilizing quintuple aim values
  • Drive health equity and continuous quality improvement for the best possible experience and health outcomes
  • Advance patient centred equitable care in partnership with those we serve
  • Improve integration of primary health services with public health and other social and health care partners
  • Build a foundation and coordinated network of primary care providers and organizations
  • Champion the development of a patient-centric local primary health care system to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes
  • Be the key link between the primary care sector and other elements of the health care system
  • Work with partners to gather input from local primary care providers and patients, review and analyze service access and data, and articulate and define the needs for the London-Middlesex population
  • Develop an annual work plan to improve integration and patient outcomes
  • The role of the LMPCA will evolve over time to reflect decisions taken at the regional and provincial level. 
  • To advocate for the patients in which we serve and our fellow primary care providers
  • The LMPCA membership will be reflective of all primary care service providers caring for individuals in London Middlesex and all delivery models.  Additionally, it will be inclusive of all primary care providers (i.e. physicians, nurse practitioners, administrators, primary care health provider) in the London-Middlesex region. 
  • The LMPCA will consider the rural / urban geography of the region and patient/family/caregiver representation in future membership as the Alliance evolves.
  • The LMPCA as a larger group will convene quarterly to provide updates and engage with members.
  • The LMPCA will be supported by resources from member organizations and members.
  • The Terms of Reference will be reviewed by the LMPCA annually and may be amended.
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