Quality Assurance

The MLPS Professional Practice, Clinical Excellence and System Oversight division ensures the comprehensive quality management in respect to various Acts, legislative requirements and best practice.

The MLPS CPLTC program was developed in alignment with the regulation of delegated controlled acts in accordance with the CPSO Policies. The Community Paramedic Patient Care Standards (CPPCS) permits community paramedics to apply their education and skills beyond the traditional role of emergency medical response with expanded roles and an extended scope of practice. Once initial certification with the MLPS CPLTC program has been achieved, a community paramedic must comply with the requirements for maintaining of certification as outlined by MLPS.

The requirements for maintaining of certification to operate as a community paramedic are in addition to legislative requirements, standards of the profession, and MLPS Policies and Procedures.

Maintenance of Certification
  • Community Paramedics must maintain employment with MLPS and hold certification as with a PCP or ACP through Southwest Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program;
  • Community Paramedics shall obtain and maintain the qualifications in accordance with the medical direction/advice of the MLPS Medical Advisor and/or Medical Director approved by the Office of the Chief; AND
  • Community Paramedics absence from CP clinical activity for a period of ninety (90) days are subject to program reorientation training.
Annual Recertification
  • Demonstrate competency in the performance of Controlled Acts and other advanced medical procedures, compliance with the CPPCS, and the provision of patient care. Competency and compliance shall be determined by the medical direction/advice of the MLPS Medical Director and may include, but not limited to, chart audits and field evaluations; AND
  • Community Paramedics shall complete annual evaluations at the level of Certification, which may include: an assessment of knowledge and evaluation of skills; scenarios; and on-line learning and evaluation.
Performance Improvement
  • Community Paramedics shall continue to demonstrate competency and compliance to legislative requirements, standards of the profession, MLPS Policies and Procedures,  and medical directives and Controlled Acts associated with the performance of the CPPCS;
  • Community Paramedics will participate in, and comply with performance improvement measures;
  • Community Paramedics will comply with the procedures specified in the Investigation Process policy.
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