Meet your Executive Council!

As our governance continues to develop, we will work towards increased representation from all segments of primary care, including interdisciplinary health providers.

Click on each image below to find out more about Executive Council members!

Nour Al Farawi, NP
Thames Valley FHT

Deanna Guernsey
Director, Strategic Planning, SOAHAC

Dr. Brenna Kaschor
Fee for service/FHG, focused practice

Dr. Julie Clarke
Blackfriars FHO (non-FHT)

Dr. Jessica Hunter-Orange
Family physician focused practice in dermatology

Dr. Ken Lee
London RAAM Clinic, CMHA Medical Service

Dr. Cathy Faulds
Family physician focused practice in palliative care

Dr. Sarah Jarmain
Clinical Lead, Middlesex-London Ontario Health Team

Dr. Scott McKay
Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine

Mike McMahon
Executive Director, Thames Valley FHT

Dr. Gord Schacter
London FHT (FHO with FHT)

Dr. Phil Vandewalle
FHO with FHT (West & North Middlesex)

Administration Support

Melissa Linseman
Transformation Lead

Drina Silva
Communications Lead

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